Friday, March 14, 2008

To Blog or not to Blog???

Ok's just one more thing to add to my day. One more thing I feel guilty if I don't do. But in the midst of all the chaos lately I have decided to have a personal blog. Again. But this time, I'm doing it just for me. I may pop in and say hi or let everyone know what's going on. But if I don't post...I refuse to feel guilty. :)

Things are nuts right now. Lots of shipping, lots of new product, lots of stuff to do. And in the middle of all this my creative juices are screaming. I keep telling myself "work, then play" and it's really hard to stick to that. But so far so good. I have been giving myself a few minutes every night to do something creative. It's my payoff for working so hard.

Check out my new toys.
I'm just itching to play!!! We'll see what the evening brings.

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