Thursday, March 31, 2011

Perfect Morning

I do my best to make sure most mornings are like this one. Creative and Coffee. The last week has been amazing for me. I can't say anything outstanding outside of me has taken place. Except that the Harley has new LOUD pipes (SWEET), and my kids are doing STELLAR in school. But I've managed to get myself focused again. Made priorities for myself surrounded the things that are important to me. And this is it. Art. That's where my passion lies. I've accepted that. I love that. And I'm finally, (for the most part), passed giving a shit what the rest of the world thinks about it. I am the one living this life. I've made sure to do SOMETHING creative everyday. Sometimes it's reading, creating, writing, taking a few pics, I just make sure I do it. And I don't limit myself. Whatever strikes me that day, that's what I do.

This is probably one of my favorite pieces I've ever done. I can feel my focus in it. I can feel my determination. And the best part is, I had no clue what I was doing while I've been working on it. I've done well at just creating without thinking or judging. It's so much more enjoyable. And so is the end result. This isn't quite finished yet. But I'll be sure to post the final piece when it's complete. :) Hope you all love it as much as I do. And if you don't, that's ok too. I just hope it strikes SOMETHING inside of you.

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