Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Inner Battle Rages

So I'm really curious if anyone else goes through this...

Not only do I love to create but I love business too. I guess that's pretty obvious since I have a business or two. Anyway, I have this constant struggle. Gotta work, gotta get things done, then it's gotta create, gotta make something new. The problem being my body can't keep up with all the things my brain wants to do. Now don't get me wrong, I love my work! It just seems that I really love too many things. There's never enough time. I try my best to prioritize and to give myself some free time here and there to work on my projects. But I really can't seem to find a balance. I wear myself out trying to do it all. And the crazy thing is... I want to do it all. I'm never bored, but often tired. And I can't even tell you how mad that makes me. I don't want to be tired, there's too much I want to do. I'm always telling Shane "if my body could just keep up with my brain I'd be in good shape." And that is so very true.

Speaking of loving things. :) Here are a few layouts dedicated to some of my favorite things.

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