Monday, May 5, 2008

Say hello to my little friend...

Check out what we found. :) We caught two of these horny toads over the weekend. The kids thought they were so cool. It's the first time we've seen them out on the desert. I understand there used to be lots of them and they have become scarce over the last few years.

This was one of our favorite finds of the weekend. This old car was just the neatest thing to run across. We all loved it, and the kids enjoyed posing for pics. Kurtis makes me giggle, he was trying to get the mob boss look going on for the pic.

This is one of the coolest things to see out in Joy Utah. I'm not sure if they really is someone buried here or not, but they say there are a couple people buried in this location. It's crazy because you are just driving through the desert and at this fork in the road here is this grave site. People are always leaving things behind. Kind of like a memorial. You always see flowers, boots, and sometimes booze.

Cactus! I love cactus! I can't wait until my kids are big enough I can plant it in my yard.
Pooped! Saturday was a big day for everyone. We spent the first half of the day target shooting at cans. I have to say, Kurtis is a natural. I was a bit rusty. It's been a long time since we've been out shooting, but it didn't take me too long to get warmed up. I'm still a pretty good shot, for a girl. :) After target practice we headed out to the west side of Topaz Mountain. We gathered apache tears, topaz, lizards, horny toads, and some really cool rocks. We did get skunked at the Geode Beds though. But it was getting dark and we didn't have a lot of time to pick around. By the time we made it back to camp the kids were exhausted. Mom and I were making dinner and when we heading into the trailer this is what I found. I was so bummed Kurtis woke up before I could snap the photo.I have to tell you what a trooper Cookie (my dog) was this weekend. When we took the bikes out she rode with Shane most of the time. And loved it. This is the first weekend she spent more time on the 4-wheeler than off. She's such a funny dog. She absolutely loves to go camping and catch lizards. Paige came home with two more lizard tails partly thanks to Cookie.

We found so much cool stuff this weekend. Paige came across the coolest old Canoe Paddle (totally funny since we're out in the middle of the desert), and she found an antique fly swatter. It's actually made out of leather. And check out mom and Robert. :) They found so much cool old rusty crap they had to bungee it on the bike to get it back to camp.

It really was a great weekend. We were able to check out some old mines, and explore a lot of different places we haven't seen before. I really tried to enjoy it since it's going to be a couple weeks before we get out again.

Hope everyone has a great week. :)

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  1. This is SO cool. I have never been in the desert! Thanks for sharing about it-- in Michigan we have woods, water, dunes (which may be close to desert like. LOL)!



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