Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Ok, yes, I know this is my second post today. But I'm going a little nuts. Trying to get myself straight so I can get down to business and get done what needs to be taken care of before I go on vacation.

I'm waiting for a call. Not just any call, but THE call. The call where the man who holds the future of myself and my family in the palm of his hand says, "You got it! Move forward!". Mind you, this is extremely scary to me since the person who will be calling looks like a boy and is younger than myself. He's like the Doogie Howser of his industry. (Yes, I know I'm showing my age with the Doogie reference.)

I've never been very good at Limbo. Drives me crazy and makes me very uptight. I wish that damn phone would just ring already!!!

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