Monday, May 23, 2011

More New Ink and Jason Aldean

A last minute trip to the city for a new laptop, (I'm still too heart sick to even talk about that), found me popping into my favorite Tattoo shop in Payson, Ut. Wing Ink seriously has the cleanest shop, and bathroom, I've ever seen! Not to mention amazing service! The guys were kind enough to squeeze me in for a little ink. :) The Kanji symbol for Self.

I've wanted a finger tat for awhile. It's only been in the last few months it became clear what I wanted and where. I knew I wanted something on my left ring finger to signify my commitment to my Self. A reminder to always be true to who I am, to be true to my dreams, and to cherish all of it. Self expression has always been difficult for me. Fear of disappointing my loved ones and letting them down has held me back so much. Accepting myself for who I am has been difficult. Realizing that I may be a work in progress, but I'm great just the way I am has been a long hard lesson for me. And also that maybe I'm not what I've always expected myself to be, I'm actually better. This tat signifies all that for me. Self acceptance, self expression, and a commitment to just being true to me.

Of course my 10 year old daughter was less than impressed. And Darren told me it looked like an open soup can. I told him it was the open can of whoop ass he was gonna get if he didn't shut up (all in good fun). LOL! Bottom line, it's not about anyone else, or what anyone else thinks. It's all about me accepting, loving, and living my SELF.

Love my Katie for taking the trip with me. One of my best friends who has seen it all with me over the last 17 years or so. She bought me the new Jason Aldean CD just so she could share this song with me. And man, it sure took me back to our younger days.

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