Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Using Your Voice, Sharing Your Passion

Here it is.  :)  My art journal page on voice.  The whole process of it really morphed into encouraging myself.  Most of my projects do that.  There is always some little message to myself it in, a message that I always hope someone else gets too.

Lately things have been changing at a rapid pace.  I guess I should say I've been changing at a rapid pace.  My strength is growing daily.  My courage to put what is on my mind and in my heart out there is growing daily.  And the fear of all of it is diminishing.  Logically it seems so silly to be afraid to put yourself out there.  Yet it is a very real fear I've held on the front lines of my life for nearly my whole life.  I was never one to like a lot of attention.  It made me very very uncomfortable.  And the easiest way to divert attention is to not put yourself out there to begin with.  That's not to say that I haven't had moments.  I've had some amazing moments that I ignored my need for privacy and jumped it with both feet.  I have just never made a habit of it.  That is something that is going to change permanently. 

Now seriously, I'm not going to dump my whole life out on the internet.  But I have chosen to speak up a bit more, to share more, to encourage others more, to participate in the world more.  I have taken my privacy issues to the extreme in the past.  And why?  Sharing your passion with the world is one of the most amazing gifts you can offer.  How else do we ever become inspired to try something new? to reach for our goals? to discover a new way of living and thinking?  How would I have ever discovered my passion for creating if someone else hadn't shared theirs?

We have some many ways to communicate these days.  So many ways to share the things that matter to us, the things we love, the things that drive us.  Is that not a gift and a sign that we should all be doing that?  Put your passion forward and share it!  Get excited about it!  Excite someone else to try something new!  Participate in your own life and in the lives of others by sharing your experiences and your best self with whoever you can.  You may be surprised at the difference it makes.  Not only in the life of someone else, but in your own life as well.

I'm hoping that you all will share with me today.  :)  I'd like to hear your thoughts, experiences, and passions.  Share your story with me.  If you are not comfortable with commenting publicly here on the blog, don't hesitate to private message me through this blog (use the contact form in the left sidebar) or send me a message on facebook.  If you have an art piece that relates to what I've posted this week please share it.  Feel free to link back to your work in the comments section or send me a private message.

Thanks everyone!  Have a great day!

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