Monday, March 5, 2012

Someone is always listening...

I have to say that yesterday was so wonderful.  Just the perfect little taste of spring we all needed at my house.  Finally, we had a day warm enough to get the Harley out.  It was still too chilly to ride very far, but we did tour the valley and soak up the sun.  It's funny, we live here, and somehow I forget how "here" smells until we get on the bike and it all looks so much different than riding in a car.  It was so nice to take the kids to school this morning and have the Harley in the yard.  I've missed it!  We'll have to put it up tonight before our little taste of spring ends with the crazy wind that'll be nailing us tomorrow as a new storm moves in.  But very very soon it'll be time for the Harley, and me, to fully come out of hibernation.  :)  Looking forward to that.  Ok, on with the real blog post for the day.

Someone is always listening, even if you don't think so.  That's been something that has been brought to my attention over the last week, again.  I'll admit keeping on top of my blog has been a trial.  My attitude has been something like this "why post if no one is even paying attention?".  It's been frustrating at times.  I've felt invisible at times.  And most days have felt like a fish swimming upstream with thousands and thousands of other fish only to be lost in the masses.  Yet I've still felt like I needed to work on it.  I needed to post.  I need to keep after it because somehow what I have to say IS important and helpful.  And even if only one person reads one post that even makes a little difference, well then, it's worth it.  So over and over I've kept throwing stuff out there.  Not only on my blog, but facebook and twitter as well.  And I will keep throwing it out there, over and over.  So anywho, over the last several days I have received messages from readers who didn't comment, but did read.  VALIDATION at last.  LOL.  I hate that word, but really, we all want to be validated on some level.  I want to say Thank You to those readers who reached out to me.  Your words DO make a difference.  And apparently mine do too.  :)  I thank you for the encouragement, the acknowledgement, and the time to let me know you've been here and could relate to what I've had to say.  For as much as I want to make a difference I'm finding that in my efforts there is always someone out there making a difference to me too.  It's an amazing cycle.

I think sometimes we all feel like we don't have a voice, that no one hears us.  Well, how can you have a voice if you don't use it?  And then you must learn to use it on blind faith and take the chance of not being heard.  Sometimes just putting it out there really is enough.  And even when you think no one is listening, someone really is.  It is worth the risk!  If you want a voice start using the one you've got today.  It can start as a whisper, but as your confidence grows so will your voice.  :)  What have you got to lose?   And under no uncertain terms is it acceptable to listen to those who may criticize you, including the voice in your head that will try to convince you that you are not important enough to be heard.  I call bullshit.  We all have something to contribute and it is our responsibility to do so. 

I'm getting the feeling this may be my running theme for the week and I can see an art journal page on this topic in the making.  :)  Finding your voice and actually using it.  If you would like to participate along with me I would love that.  I will post my page tomorrow, at least what I have done, and everyone can link back to their page on that post.  If you're not comfortable with putting it out there, please email me a pic so I can be inspired.  :) 

Until tomorrow my friends, have an amazing day!

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