Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My BFF's...of the Nikon kind

I love photography.  I always have.  I remember being about eight or nine and the stars aligned just right for my mother and she was able to buy herself a Canon 35mm SLR.  If memory serves me she bought it in a pawn shop, but in those days it was amazing we could afford it.  She brought it home in a pretty blue camera bag, with only one lens and a few rolls of film.  I thought that camera was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  I'd follow her around the yard watching her take pics of flowers, the cat, just anything that caught her eye.  And oh man, film developing day was so exciting for me.  I'd pour over the photos, amazed at how she could capture a flower beyond what my eyes could see in the moment.  That was honestly the beginning for me.  Watching and admiring her creative process.

Years later I'm married with kids, scrapbooking, and decide it's time for me to try my hand at photography with a "big" camera.  Mom was gracious enough to let me borrow that Canon.  I handled it with the reverence of handling the Bible or the American flag.  It wasn't long before I moved on to my first DSLR, a Nikon D70 that will always be precious to me.  A few years later I picked up a Nikon D60.  My Nikons have been my constant companions and very best friends for the last several years, even though they've been collecting dust for the last three.  But aren't best friends like that?  You can go for long periods of time without even speaking, then suddenly, out of the blue, you run into each other and just pick up where you left off.  The relationship renews itself and begins another cycle of love and growth.

I've got the burn again.  I love that.  You know what I mean, the inspiration burn.  It bounces like sparks coming off a sparkler and you can't help but pay attention to it.  So last weekend, I packed up my best friends of the Nikon kind and the furry kind, and we headed on onto Utah's west desert.  I took easily over 150 photos, and while my cameras still love me and my neglect hasn't hurt them, it sure has done a number on me.  Where did it all go?  The quick reaction to making adjustments to get the shot I want.  The confidence.  The ease.  Sigh....for the time being I've lost that.  My neglect has hurt me more than anything.  Time to dig out the books, relearn what I've forgotten, and make quality time with my babies.  I can do that.  And it will all come back to me.  :)  Very soon.

In the meantime I've decided to start sharing some of my older photography.  I'll be adding new/old photography prints to my Etsy shop over the next few days.  These are the first three available.

You can find all three in this section of my Etsy shop.  Hope you all enjoy them.  Have a great day everyone.  :)

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