Thursday, July 26, 2012

On Top of the World

I love days like this...
That would be me, in all my unstoppable glory.  :)  Along with what my kids call my "granny arms".  LOL.  That's ok, I'll take the "granny arms" on days like that day.  In that moment I could have cared less about what my arms looked like.  I wish I could blow that pic open and show you all where I was.  Standing on a little ledge at the top of the Grand Canyon.  Darren telling me I was crazy, that I was going to fall, and yet I had not one ounce of fear.  I just wanted to see what I couldn't from the trail.  I was more afraid of missing something than I was of falling (right up until a big wind gust came up out of the canyon, then it was time to back a way to safer ground, I've still got children to raise).

I wish, and try, to live every day like I did that day.  Feeling invincible, unafraid, and full of possibilities.  But there is no balance in living every day in our "perfect" state.  There are few lessons there, and little growth.  We need to use those "perfect" days as a reminder of all we are capable of, and what we are capable feeling about ourselves.  I hang on to the girl in that photo when things are tough.  She takes me by the hand and says "Hang in there, you'll make it, remember...I am YOU."
It honestly was one of the best days EVER, standing on top of the world. 

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