Thursday, June 5, 2014

Creative Constipation

Yes, I said creative constipation.  Out loud.  On the Internet.  That is where I've been for a couple months.

I should probably explain what that means a little.  For me, when I have so many ideas and cannot find a way to execute them, it's as bad as having no ideas at all.  Imagine a stream that's flowing along nicely and a family of beavers move in.  Now beavers are good, you just can't let them get carried away.  The beavers start dragging in limbs (ideas) and the stream water (creative flow) starts backing up.  Eventually the beavers build a nice little dam where very very little water can get through.  If you can't get some of their limbs out of the way you are in big trouble.  I call this Creative Constipation.  It's just as bad to work through as having no ideas at all, or creative block as it's usually referred to.  That would be when the stream just dries up and the beavers have no intention of building anything anywhere near your little creative stream so there's no movement whatsoever.  In my world they both suck equally.

But my creative constipation is coming to an end...

I am excited to share that there's going to be a BUNCH of new stuff on the horizon.  With the help of my big white guy we figured out how to get a slew of new tools coming.  And very very soon, when I say I'm off to "burn it down", that very well may be true.  Finally, after MONTHS of frustration, studying, and planning, this is one of the items heading my way.

I have dreamt about this little guy (obsessed might be more accurate, I may sleep with him under my pillow).  I'm going to get to play with fire FOR REAL!

This is going to be another challenge to tackle.  More learning curves and endless hours of practice heading my way.  But I am SO excited!  Rings, bracelets, new earring designs, jewelry components, the ideas have been circling in my head for months.  Combined with what I've already been able to teach myself with the tools I already have it's going to be AWESOMESAUCE!  I cannot even begin to explain how frustrating it's been to have so many ideas and not be able to find a way to make them work without the proper tools.  It's drove me bat shit crazy, ask my kids! I am being totally serious when I say I have been creatively constipated not being able to get the ideas out in to physical form.  Those have been tough waters to navigate.  It's tough to keep the flow going when the ideas are getting backed up.  But now...the flood gates have opened knowing that what I've needed is on it's way.  :)  Whoot!!!!!

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