Monday, June 30, 2014

Dream Big and then Dream Bigger

I've always been a master daydreamer, even when I was a child.  It's always come naturally to me.  I didn't learn how to throw that in to action until I hit my early twenties.

Last week there were lots of little things popping up to remind me to keep dreaming.  I get obsessed with my work sometimes.  I do a lot of plotting, planning, practicing, and I forget the magic of dreaming.  Without the magic the rest doesn't count for a whole lot.  Sometimes I need a little reminder.
 It's obvious with my children that I'm big on dreaming.  My shorty surprised me with this.  It was serendipity too.  It came just after I had read a really cool post of facebook, that of course I can't find now, about not only dreaming, but dreaming bigger.

I'm not really surprised that when sat down to work jewelry yesterday this is what came out.  My very first ring! This one is not for sale but I will be taking orders after my vacation.  I was practicing with some scrap and there are some imperfections on the back side I would never send out to customer.  But it's awesome for me.  :)

Dreaming is the magic, it's the motivation that keeps moving us toward our goals.  It's the fuel that moves us in to action.  My dreaming has not been big enough. I gotta go BIGGER.  It's going to require a huge amount of moving out of my comfort zone.  It's not going to be easy, but it will be fun.  I've already started plotting my course of action.  I'll have plenty of time the next week to get some solid dreaming in and put a firm plan together.  Vacation starts in two days and there's no place better to dream than on a Harley.  :)  Then, come July 7th, action will begin.  :)

I also want to share this custom order I did over the weekend.  :)

I did these for one of the sweetest girls on the planet.  :)  This is where the scrap for my ring came from.  I killed it the first go around and had to start over.  No biggie.  However when I get back to the table I'll be doing some work with different shapes.  I think I have the little squares about mastered.

Happy Monday everyone, and remember not only to dream, but DREAM BIGGER!

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