Monday, June 23, 2014

Hello 38 and Hello Kawasaki!

I celebrated my 38th birthday over the weekend.  And this is what is back in my driveway and runs (thanks to the Big White Guy and my son).

This is really a big deal.  I mean really!

A few years back when I had decided that I wanted to learn to ride myself, and the Big White Guy needed a restoration project, it made it's first appearance in our backyard for my birthday.  At that time it didn't run.  It had sat for awhile and needed some TLC.  We've been working on it here and there over the last few years.  It's been a great project for us to work on together and full of great leaning opportunities for me.  I learned how to pull carbs and tear them down with this. :)

Me getting my hands dirty.  :)

The BWG working his magic.

It's a 1981 Kawasaki CSR 305.  Here's the part of the story that gets really really good.  It was bought brand new in 1983 during a "Sunshine Sale" by the Big White Guy's dad and sister.  Back then motorcycle companies were over manufacturing and there were literally crates of bikes that were a couple years old just sitting around waiting for their new homes.  This one in particular has stayed in the family so there's a lot of sentimental value to it.  My father in law, sister in law, and the BWG (I'm so tired of typing out Big White Guy, from here on out that's what I'm referring to him as, the BWG) rode this.  I haven't heard all the stories yet, but enough to know the BWG rode it quite a bit while helping his dad farm.  Yes, our bikes get used to farm.  Even the Harley's have been out as service and farm bikes.  :)

This last year I did have the opportunity to take the Rider's Edge Course through Harley Davidson.  Up to that point I had only ever rode my son's little 90 that had no clutch.  So today, here I sit, fully endorsed and still needing lots of road practice, (and let's face it folks, just because you have an endorsement doesn't mean you can ride), staring at my new/old ride as I type this post. This is what year 38 is going to bring for me.  One more thing to scratch off my bucket list and one more adventure.

Even though I didn't ever get the chance to meet my father in law, I do know how very loved he was.  Makes me feel a special that the family is allowing me to be a part of this.  I look forward to being able to practice on this, and to the hours of quality time it will continue to bring to my family and I.  Cuz that's where the really good stuff is.

I have to send out a great big THANK YOU to the BWG and my son for working so hard last week to get it running for my birthday.  There's still some work to be done on it and a few adjustments to make but damn it, I can ride!  :)

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