Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Couple New Projects

Quick post today since I didn't make it yesterday.  :)  I was working on a couple of things.

I was able to pick up a few more pieces of Chevron Amethyst a couple weeks ago and they've been calling my name ever since.  Plus I've been itching to spend some time with my Weller Soldering Iron.  I call it my wand.  I know that's not proper but that's what it is.  Magic comes from that thing!  Even though I now have a torch, which I call my flame thrower, I still love the rawness I get from my wand.  Most everything I do with it comes out with a very boho gyspy feel to it. How can you not love that!

I'm also experimenting with copper a little.

Copper Butterfly with Blue Patina
Can you see that blue patina?  Oh yeah, I'm in love!  This is totally an experimental piece so I'm not sure it will ever make it to the shop.  I've got a couple other techniques I'm considering.  It's either going to get some hand cut words and a coat of resin, or I'm going to torch some solder and do a little stamping.  Who knows, maybe I'll do both. Then there's also the possibility of adding some alcohol ink for more color. At this point it doesn't really matter what I decide, I'm pretty excited about the direction it's taking and that's what really counts.

I will be posting more about our ride.  There's just photos to edit and I've had to manage some priorities.  Time is a bit of a factor this week.  :)  That's the way life goes I guess.

I'm off to pick up this cute girl from Volleyball camp today.

So ready to have her home!  And tomorrow this amazing young man will be home too.  I miss them terribly when they are gone.  Not sure how well I'm going to manage when they actually start moving out.

Looking forward to having a few days of all my kids under the same roof!  We've not had much of that this summer with my boy working out of town.  There will for sure be some benefits to having school start.  I hate school, but all three will be home every night again.  YAY!

Have a great day everyone!  Time providing I'll be back tomorrow.  :)

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