Friday, January 2, 2015

Lean Into It

2015 is going to be my "Lean Into It" year.  I received a lot of really good feedback on my writing in 2014 and have decided to give it a bit more attention for 2015.  Most of my writing has ended up in some really long facebook posts, so back to the blog board I go. :)  Blogging is not my favorite.  Mostly because it really feels impersonal to me.  That's why I love love love Facebook.  Interaction and conversation rule there.  But I believe I can find a balance and learn to love the blog world a little more.
This quote is really what inspired the "Lean Into it" theme for 2015.  (Well, and the fact that I love a good "lean" on a motorcycle.)  Vulnerability is a tough one for me.  While I fully understand that it is required to make genuine connections with others, putting myself  "out there" has never come easy for me.  I'm practicing.  I'm practicing hard.  More often than not the payoff is fantasmic, but there are still those instances when I'm floating wide open and someone tosses the arrow in my balloon.  And damn does it ever hurt.  With each hurt I learn and grow so it's never a total loss.  But still, it requires practice, perseverance, and courage.  I'm good at those things, mostly. 

So this year will be more leaning, more practice, more perseverance, more courage, more vulnerability, more writing, more creativity, and more of the good stuff.  We will see where it takes me.  :)

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