Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Super Weekend!!!

We really had an amazing weekend. Took off Saturday night to the desert. We spent all day Sunday rockhounding. The kids had an amazing time. Especially Paige, she love to hunt for treasure. :) I just have to share this story.

Paige and I are out on a little flat looking for anything that peaks our interest. I hear Paige, "mom look what I found!" I say, "awesome Paige, you're rockin' the Kasbah with that one". A few minutes pass... I hear Paige again...."hey mom look! Am I a rock in the cows butt with this one?" Yes I nearly peed myself laughing. Totally reminded me of that commercial where the guys are arguing about what the song really says and they are both totally wrong.

And now for your viewing enjoyment...the commercial.

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