Monday, March 22, 2010

Meet Ben aka "Marley"

Yes, I already posted this morning. However I had forgotten to share this from the weekend adventures. This is Ben, our 130 lb. Chocolate Lab. Some good friends of ours agreed to dog sit for the weekend. (Thanks again to Kris and Danielle. :) It was very very appreciated!!!) D and I were both a little beside ourselves. We've never had to leave him for any longer than to go to work and just so used to having him around all the time it was sad to be without him. Saturday afternoon I send Kris a text to check on him, and this was the reply I received back.

"Everyone is getting along well now, but he bulldozed my fence, now I get to fix it tomorrow...".

Kris and Danielle had officially been introduced to Ben aka "Marley".

If you've ever seen the movie Marley & Me you know exactly what I'm talking about. We live with a chocolate version. And I could totally see Ben going right through that fence and looking back at Kris with a "what fence?" look on his face when she flipped out. LOL!!! This is the dog that really HAS eaten the wall, and the vacuum, countless shoes, barbie dolls, garbage bags, and whatever else appeals to him in the moment. This is the dog that the first week we had him tried to get in the bathtub with me, tries to jump on the trampoline with the kids, and has separation anxiety every Tuesday and pees on the bed. He is also the dog that whenever anyone in the house is sick he won't leave their side. And nothing is more heartwarming that watching my little Meg cuddle up to this dog who is four times her size, or getting up every morning to him snuggled up in Kurt's twin sized bed that cannot comfortably fit them both, or watching Meg climb on his back to catch a ride down the hall. He has no clue how big he really is, although reminds me on a regular basis when he climbs up on the couch and piles in my lap just so he can get closer to D and I've left him no room to sit between us. Reminds me of the saying "a face only a mother could love". For as big of a stinker as he is sometimes we love him. He's a part of our family and life is not the same when he is not with us. And he really is just a great big baby with a bark that can literally make the walls shake.

If you have any great dog stories I'd love to hear them. :) Always nice to know someone else feels your pain, and your love for something.

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