Friday, November 11, 2011

Vintage Ladies, Tattoo Artist, and Honors

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon (in between 3 parent-teacher conferences), setting up my light box just right to get pics of my new magnets. I love love love them! They are the latest addition to my Etsy store.




I have more variations of these in the works and I can't wait to share. :)

Ok, on to Tattoo Artist...

My son is in 8th grade and for part of their parent-teacher conference they had to fill out a goal sheet which included the infamous question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Number 1 on his list: A professional football player. Number 2 on his list: A Tattoo Artist. Number 3: A Marine Now those three things listed he has figured out a plan of what order he wants to do them. The Tattoo Artist comes after his military and football careers. Yesterday was the first I had heard anything about the Tattoo Artist and I'm thinking it's pretty dang cool. All three of my kids are very artistic and he has struggled the most with expressing it. And here is where I get a little angry. The day the kids filled out this paper the teacher in charge told him, "Kurtis, you need to have better standards!" Referring to his wanting to be a Tattoo Artist. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I know two Tattoo Artists, one of which passed away earlier this year, and they both are/were amazing people. Family men, hard working, RESPECTFUL, genuine, and honest men! And for that teacher's information, the one still living happens to attend church with his family every Sunday as well as volunteer with activities with his kids. However that teacher would say, "well he doesn't attend the RIGHT Church".  Well so freaking what!!!  He's a great man!  Regardless of what church he goes to and regardless of even going to church.  And what gives anyone any kind of right to tell anyone there is anything wrong with what they what to be when they grow up?  I am LIVID!

I've tried very hard to encourage my kids to explore themselves, their goals, and the possibilities for their future.  I've encouraged them to really think about their dreams for themselves and believe that it is possible to achieve those dreams.  And you can bet your life that if my son wants to be a Tattoo Artist I will do everything I can to help him reach that goal. And I will be VERY proud of him for doing it!  No one has the right to pass judgement on something like that.  I mean really? It's not like he want to be a bank robber, a pimp, or a drug dealer, or any other law-breaking professional.  And he is a GREAT kid!  Somewhere in my messed up thinking I thought that part of a teacher's job was to be encouraging, not demeaning.  Kurtis lost a lot of respect for that teacher in that moment, and I can't say that I blame him, I did too.

On another note, I am very very very pleased to say that all three of my amazing kids made the honor roll.  They had absolutely outstanding grades and I'm a super proud mom!  I may just have to go get another tattoo to commemorate their achievements.  :)

Have an AMAZING Friday everyone!!!

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