Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fly Original Mixed Media FREE US SHIP - $60.00

Let your heart take flight with this mixed media original one of a kind artwork. Meant to free stand on a shelf or desk, a hook could easily be added to the back to hang on the wall. Created on a 8" x 8" solid wood block. Wing span is approximately 9 1/4". The back is signed and dated by the artist.

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  1. Hi, Heather! Your super sweet comment on my blog has made my day!!! Thank you so much. I read that you are a fan of Teesha. Will you be at Artfest? xoxo

  2. No, I'll be home suffering the Artfest woes. LOL. That has been one of my really big dreams for a very long time and I'm heartbroke it is not going to come to pass. However, if you are going, please share on your blog. :) I want to absorb myself into as much of it as I can from home.



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