Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trusting the Process

I believe everyone has their own process.  Their own way of going through life and navigating their own personal journey.  And it really is the journey that matters.  We are all headed for the same destination in the end, and no one gets out alive (thank you Jim Morrison ha ha).  It's all that "in between" stuff that makes up the journey, the life of a person.  The lessons, the blessings, the trials, the tests, and on and on.  You can choose what kind of process you want to experience.  I've thought a lot about this lately, and chosen to Trust The Process.  Why the hell not? 

I've mentioned in earlier posts that it has been a difficult year for us.  I want to retract that statement now.  It's been a year of growth and learning.  And there have been growing pains, more so when I've fought the process instead of embraced it.  I'm learning that every single experience in my life is formed to mold me into the me I am intended to become.  And given the fact that I don't believe my Creator makes mistakes, who am I to NOT trust the process?  So with each new experience, and especially the ones that would normally send me into the corner wishing I had a straight jacket and a padded room, I accept there is a lesson to be learned that will only make me better.  I approach everything as an adventure instead of an obstacle.  An opportunity instead of a tribulation.  Always easy?  Hell no!  But absolutely worth practicing.  Attitude really can change everything.

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“In his pursuit of the dream, he was being constantly subjected to tests of his persistence and courage…” - The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

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