Thursday, May 29, 2014

ThrowBackThursday Trash and Link Love

Here's a little "Throwback Thursday" for ya.

This is the first mixed media canvas I ever did.  Like forever ago.  I'm saying easily 10 years or so.  It's the big white guy's favorite and hangs in our kitchen.  As I have grown and changed artistically I have outgrown it.  However, it serves as an awesome reminder of how far I've come over the years so I really don't mind looking at it every day (plus the reaction the "cheap white trash" part gets is priceless) .  I will always have a strong attachment and fondness for this one.  It was the beginning of something new that I have grown to love with my entire being.  I can't say it won't get a make over though.  LOL.

I added a couple of new links to my blog.  Reclaim Country is a super fun eTsy shop.  Hope does adorable, unique home decor items.  I've seen some pretty amazing stuff come from her.  It all has a very homey country feel.  And why wouldn't it?  I know where she grew up.  We are all a little country out here.  She now lives in Texas, which to me, is the very heart of country.  I'll be putting in a custom order with her soon.  I"m trying to nail myself down on colors, but hey, I'm an artist and there is very little in my house that matches the couch.  LOL.

Seriously, tell me this isn't cute!  You can find more pics and even buy it HERE.

I also added a link to the Crafty With A Side of Love blog.  Jessica is sassy, smart, and very very creative.  Her blog is fairly new but I'm so excited to see all the goodies she comes up with.  I follow her on facebook and her posts are some of my favorite.  She has a real passion for living authentically and creating.  How could I not love that!

The Hydrangea Hippo is also on my add list.  Jennifer posts a lot of  DIY stuff I love plus her own projects.  There is a fun Kit club for the Scrapbookers and paper crafters.  There are class opportunities, videos, a resource list with lots of really cool tools to make your presence known online, plus much more.  You'll want to spend a little time here.  There's tons of useful information to take in.  :)

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