Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fire Fire Fire

So this box of amazing goodness came yesterday. :)

I'll give you a hint, it's from Rio Grande.  :)  It's my new tools!  Including my new bff, a max flame torch! :) That means I get to play with fire today!  It was perfect timing.  I had just scored this little toolbox from the hardware store for $10.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to need two though.  One for the tools and one to store all my metal in.  A toolbox was a must.  We've got a moody Parti Yorkie that thinks my tools are fun to eat, especially when he's pouting.  He drug off my new nylon chain nose pliers before I even had a chance to use them.  I'm not even going to go in to what he did to my purse and it's contents after we got home from our ride and then left again for a few hours. :/

I've still got a few more things showing up today before I can get to work.  The main one being my jeweler's saw.  I've got a piece of Crescent Valley Turquoise I've been hanging on to for a ring.  That's going to be the first project I start on.  Leave it to me to pick something that's going to be a bit more intensive for my first project.  But hey, that's just how I roll.

I slammed through errands and chores yesterday so today will leave me with a little more flexibility to practice.  The mailman won't show up for a few hours and that will give me just enough time to clean off the work table so it's suitable to blow some flames.  Holy hell I'm EXCITED!!!  If I have progress worth sharing tomorrow you can bet it will be on here.  Keeping my fingers crossed I've got some skills.  :)

Peace and flames to everyone today.

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