Monday, June 9, 2014

Played Hooky

So I had every intention of working all weekend.  That lasted about two hours until the big white guy said "pack a bag".    That is something I never say no to.  It always means there's an adventure on the horizon.

We left town in our standard fashion of having no idea where we were headed.  In Salina Ut we decided to jump on I-70 east and just see how far we wanted to go.  There's 100 miles of nothing but beautiful scenery between Salina Ut and Green River Ut.  I loathe driving that stretch in a car, but it's a whole different story on one of these.

This is our 2009 Sportster Custom.  We've run 23,000 miles on this in 3 years.  Even after buying our 2013 Street Glide we still love this one too.  Anyone who tells you the seat on the back of a Street Glide is better than on a Sportster is a liar.  That has not been my experience.  :/
Once we hit Green River we decided to do some exploring.  We took a bunch of back roads, checked out the farms, the airport (if you can even call it that), and all the old buildings that were certain to be hiding treasures.  When we have the time, exploring small towns and seeing how the community lives and survives is very entertaining for us.  It's always a good reminder that there's a really big world beyond this place we call home.

We found this on one of the backroads at the Green River Fire Station.  We don't take many pics on the road but this was a killer find that was photo worthy.

The Big White Guy tells me this is a Pontiac.  Which is supposed to be pretty cool I guess.  I'm not much of a car girl.  I think the old ones are AMAZING but don't ask me what they are, that is his department.

Now Green River is really a cool little town but sad too.  You really get the feel that at one time it was a thriving little freeway community.  Not so much anymore.  There are LOTS of run down buildings, mostly old mom and pop motels, that make me wonder if those larger motel chains on the east end of town shut the rest down.  If you've ever seen the movie Cars, that's what it reminded us of.  Our little waitress at the Tamarisk restaurant told us that it's the farming and through traffic from I-70 that keeps that town going.

If you are ever traveling through Green River I do recommend The Tamarisk as a place to eat.  It's a really cool little restaurant right on the river.  They've designed it with huge windows so as long as you are on the west side of the building you have a good view of the river.  The menu AND the food are pretty damn good too.  We both really enjoyed the experience.

At this point we've found a room at one of the still operating mom and pop motels.  We picked the one that least resembled something like The Bates Motel.  We typically don't do chain motels on the road.  They just aren't our style and both of us really enjoy supporting the smaller business who have managed to somehow stay alive.  The Sleepy Hollow was a decent stay.  Not the best we've stayed in, but in no way the worst either.

The next morning we decided to loop back home a different route through Price Ut, then on to Huntington Ut, and up over what I believe is called Fairview Canyon.  It's about 50 miles of BEAUTIFUL mountains and LOTS of twisty, winding roads.

I have no idea what this lake is called. but is was stunning!
It was a bit of a chilly ride.  There's still snow on the ground but the views made the chilly totally worth it.  This is another ride I've made in a cage (car), and while the sites were pretty, driving it really sucked.  Not on a motorcycle!  It was INCREDIBLE!

Here's where I've got to back peddle a bit.  Between Green River and Price we had some idiot in a ginormous motor home pulling a car that tried to run us off the road, not once, but twice.  The first time when we were entering the freeway, and the second at the very end of a passing lane.  Which made absolutely no sense since we were also stuck behind a car and a semi.  Needless to say by the time we got back around him for the second time he got the one finger wave.  That kind of driving is just senseless, dangerous, and could seriously kill somebody.  So now while mini vans are still #1 on my most hated list, motor homes have moved up to #2.  Generally when someone is screwing with us on the road it's one or the other.  :)  End of rant.

All in all it was a great weekend. I don't feel bad about playing hooky, even though I'm going to have to really bust my butt to get myself caught up to where I wanted to be.   I've learned that when the opportunity to go for a ride presents itself not to say no.  It always hits my reset button and I come home with more energy (creative and physical) and in a better mood.  Plus any kind of road trippin on one of the bikes is always an adventure and I'm all about that!

Here is my Big White Guy and travel/adventure buddy.  :)  We honestly have the best time on the road.

Who knew a Sporty really is a dual sport bike?  LOL!  I found this out no less than three times on this trip.  Good thing this man can ride.

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  1. Sounds like it worth playing hookey for. Hope you share next time the Big White Guys takes you on another road trip.



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