Wednesday, July 9, 2014

If You Want To Get To Know Someone, Go On The Road

I've decided that if you ever really want to know someone, and how well you mesh, one of the best ways to find out is to go on the road with them.  Really.

This was pretty much a defining moment for me.  We'd hit some rain the day before.  But some rain really doesn't count for much.  Anyone can deal with that.  By the time we got to this cute little veranda we were soaked, and it was only going to get worse.

See, cute veranda WITH live music!  :)  Great place to get out of the rain.
I'm not big on group rides.  At all.  The Big White Guy and I have our own little way of doing things that works for us.  It's gets tough for me to step outside of that.  ESPECIALLY when there is a "camp coordinator".  I hate being told what to do and how to do it.  That just pisses me off, and even more so on a ride.  I've only been on a handful of overnight group rides and there have a few I loved and a few I wanted to pull every hair out of my head and punch someone in the face.

However, this time, our own little way of doing things meshed GREAT with the friends we rode with. (I hope they feel the same.)  You really get to see a whole different side of people when you're on a ride and I either end up never wanting anything to do with them again, or with a whole new level of love and respect.  I feel especially honored to have spent those days with these people.  One I knew very well and love her more now than ever.  The others I got to know better and all of them will forever hold a place in my heart.  They were considerate, kind, respectful, funny, fun, interesting, and independent.  I love those qualities in people.  Especially on the road. 

Crazy Rednecks!  Who says Harleys weren't built for dirt roads?  Try telling that to some old school desert racers.  :)
So really, if you ever want to know if you really like someone, and if they really fit in your life, hit the road with them.  After you spend a few days out in the elements, traveling to unknown places, and running without a clock, you'll know for certain.

More on the actual ride in the next few days. :)  Until then here's the latest piece I was inspired to come home and make.
Click here for more pics and details. 
It's created from a genuine free form amethyst and argentium silver (my favorite).  Enjoy.  :)

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