Friday, July 11, 2014

Jailhouse Cafe, Moab, and Hole in the Rock

The first morning of our ride we headed straight out of Green River Ut. in to Moab Ut.  The Big White Guy (the BWG) and I were pretty excited given that neither of us had spent any time there before.  I've learned not to put expectations on new places and just accept them as they are.  It makes for a better overall experience.

 Seemed like a good fit for us.  :)  Who wouldn't want to eat at a place like this?

We loved the set up of the Jailhouse Cafe.  It had an outdoor sitting area that was perfect and LOTS of flowers surrounding the cafe.  We had a nice view of the main drag which gave me a little time to really inspect any potential galleries or funky shops to check out.  The food was so so but not worth what we paid for it.  This probably isn't a place we will stop again, but was great for a "one timer" and they had coffee.  I'm all about coffee.  Really!  Especially after waiting for that first cup.

We also hit the Kokopelli Gallery in Moab.  It's a pretty big gift shop/gallery that was full of some pretty damn amazing artwork and jewelry.  I'd totally stop there again.  I will say that in all the jewelry I inspected during the ride some was really really good, and some could have been really really good if not for some shoddy metal work.  I'm a perfectionist.  Big time.  In my world you should not be able to see the seam in a bezel.  I was able to walk out of this shop feeling pretty good about my skills yet realizing it will be a forever learning process.  I always always inspect artwork and jewelry in shops and galleries.  Not to critique their work, but to see where I can improve my own.  I can often times pick up new technique ideas I want to try or see where I need to improve.  Even when I see work I think could be better, I still carry the utmost respect for these artists. This is a tough calling.  And anyone who can put there stuff out there for the masses deserves some respect.  They are trying.  They are in the arena getting their ass kicked.  I will always have respect for that.

I also figured out I can take photos while we are going down the road.  And they don't turn out half bad.  Ya gotta be super careful though. It would be pretty easy for that road wind to take your phone for a ride.

I seriously love this pic.  :)  This was just heading in to what would be our next stop.  One of our buddies that was riding with us is a truck driver.  He had been by this hundreds of times and never been able to stop simply because it's not a good place for a big truck.  We were all pretty excited for him to whip in there.

We parked right by this bowling ball cactus.

I cannot even imagine the time involved in building this thing.  Holy crap.  And everything at this place was all about the details that took thousands and thousands of man hours to construct.  To say it was damn cool doesn't even begin to cover it.  Check out this Jeep!

I think I need one.  And I also think that between the BWG and I we could totally pull it off.

This was a memorial set up for the people who started the place.  At least that's the story I got.

I don't know if they are really buried here or not.  But it was heart touching none the less.  There was even a pet cemetery. 

I appreciate people who love their pets.

This was my sign it was going to be a good ride.  I'm big on signs and anytime I come across one of these suns it gets my attention.  This one actually had a bird nest in the eyes and a baby bird greeted us.  :)  So cool!

Who doesn't love a good outhouse.

I told the BWG we could take this little "pad" home for him to stay in when I'm mad.  I'm not sure he thought it was very funny but I sure giggled.

Seriously, if you are ever headed south out of Moab Ut and you see this coming ....

By all means STOP and check it out!  There's so much more to see than what I've shared here and it's totally worth it.  More pics from the ride tomorrow.  You can click on any of the photos posted here and see a larger version if there's something that deserves a "closer look" as my grandson would say.

Have a great day everyone!

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